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Vision and Mission

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Our vision is
to see the inimical and exiguously reached communities of India impacted

through the transforming ministry of the anointed, equipped and exemplary

 Bible-Teachers, Compassionate-Pastors and Christian-Workers,
by being a centre of excellence in Bible and Ministry

for the glory of God.


Our mission is

to raise young men and women into transformed Christian Workers

for the works of service in the inimical and exiguously reached communities of India, especially North and East of India,

by offering an active learning environment

for quality theological education

with opportunities to develop character, skills,

avenues for inter-disciplinary interaction, exposure to various ministries and

an option for marketplace internship.

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Take a moment to explore our news section below. We want to make sure you hear about all the important and exciting updates happening at TRINITY THEOLOGICAL COLLEGE, so check back often to stay in the know!


Apply to Our ATA Accredited Programs

We are pleased to be currently offering two programs:

  1. Diploma in Theology (Dip.Th) - which is a 2 year Program. Eligibility for the same is Class 10 pass.

  2. Bachelors in Theology (B.Th) - which is a 3 year Program. Eligibility for the same is Class 12 pass/BPP or Equivalent


Click on the link below to know about the latest happenings @TTC as well as to read blog posts from the staff and faculty of TTC.


Darshan: The Vision

The name 'Darshan', for the year book, was chosen over a series of other names as the name brought out a multi-linguistic interpretation. Firstly, the Hebrew word Darshan means a professional or qualified expounder of Scripture or in literal terms a 'teacher or preacher' 
On the other hand, the Hindi word 'Darshan' which comes from the Sanskrit root darshan which can be literally translated to mean 'vision or sight'.

Check back often to stay in the loop! And reach out with any questions.

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Sing to the LORD a new song; sing to the LORD, all the earth.

Psalm 96:1

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